9th english notes

class – 9

subject – english

lesson 7 – I AM LIKE GRASS

              — Pash

About poet : Pash is a originally a Punjab poet. He was born in 1950 and passed away in 1998. So he had a very short life but he made a deep impact due to his literary, creations. His important works include ‘ Lok katha ‘, Uddiyan Bajjan ‘ Magar and ‘ Sade Samayan Vich’ I am like a grass has been translated in English from Punjabi by Suresh Sethi. The poet has tried to establish the life with grass which grows even if it is moved or cut.

1. The poet says that life is like grass. In this poem the grass speaks about himself. This is a personification of grass.
The grass says you can mow me but I shall sprout again, grow and will come back in my original shape and size and size and so I will be alive even if you kill me.
2. In the second Stanze the poet says that you can destroy the universities by bombing, burn out the dwelling house of the poor people;  You can reduce the hostel to ruffles but you can not erase my indentity . Even you can destroy my identity mark from the sign posts but take it for granted that I shall never die. I will come back again and sprout like grass.
3. The poet Futher says that you may bomb down Banga or destroy sangroor or turn whole of Ludhiana into ashes but take it from me it would be just a matter of time, may be two years to ten years and all the places and cities will get reconstructed. They will stand back again and there will be no scar mark on their faces. My green dress will cover back all those places because I am like a grass.
4. My green field will grow and shall turn into a vast green jungle like the jungles of Barnala, where the tourists will start visiting. The tourists will fell happy to say my greenery and that would be a defeat of your ulterior motive .
So you see, you can cut me, mow me, chop me but can’t take out life form me because I am like a grass which sprouts even after moaning chopping or cutting.

इस कविता के लेखक हैं पाश। पाश मूलतः पंजाबी लेखक एवं कवि हैं।पाश का जन्म 1950मे हुआ था और उनकी मृत्यु वर्ष 1988 में अत्यंत अल्प आयु में हो गयी।
उनकी मुख्य कृतयाँ हैं — ‘ लोककथा ‘ ‘ उददियन बज्जन मगर ‘ और सारे समयन बिच ‘ ।
कवि की प्रस्तुत कविता ‘ आई ऐम लाइक ए ग्रास ‘ मूल पंजाबी से अनूदित है और अंग्रेजी अनुवाद किया है श्री सुरेश सेठी ने। कवि कहता है घास मृत होकर भी जीवित हो उठता है — मनुष्य, रौंदे जाने पर भी उठकर खड़ा हो जाता है। समय आघात की पीड़ा को हर लेता है।

कविता का भावार्थ :
1. मैं घास की तरह हूँ
आप मुझे काट सकते हैं , कतर सकते हैं
लेकिन मैं पुनः उग आऊँगा
और फिर से घना हो जाऊँगा
2. आप मेरे पहचान चिन्हों को नष्ट कर सकते
विश्वविद्यालयों को बम से ध्वस्त कर सकते हो
छात्राओं को मलवे में तब्दील कर सकते हो
आप झुग्गी – झोपड़ियों को जलाकर राख
कर सकते हो
पर आप मेरी पहचान नहीं मिटा सकते
क्योंकि मैं घास की तरह हूँ
मैं फिर से उग आऊँगा
और अपने हरित आवरण से सबको ढक
लूँगा ।
3. आप बंग पर बम गिराए सकते हो
आप संगरूर को भी तहस- नहस कर
सकते हो
और सम्पूर्ण लुधियाना जिले को जला
कर राख कर सकते हो
पर यह तो वर्षों की बात होगी, शायद दो
वर्ष या दस वर्ष
और फिर मेरी , हरी – हरी चादरों से ये
जगहें ढक जायेंगी।
4. फिर मैं एक विशाल हरे जंगल में बदल
यह जंगल बरनाला के जंगलों की तरह ही
जहाँ पर्यटक आने लगेंगे
और इन जंगलों को निहारेंगे
क्योंकि मैं घास की तरह हूँ
आप मुझे काट सकते हैं, कतर सकते हैं
लेकिन मैं फिर से उग आऊँगा
और सब कुछ को ढक लूँगा।
[ हिंदी अनुवाद : विश्वनाथ

              Glossary : शब्दावली
Chop(v): काटना या किसी तेज हथियार से मारकर नष्ट कर देना। Chopper (n): छोटी कुल्हाड़ी। Bounce back (v): उछाल मारना। Obliterate (v): नष्ट करना।  Rubble (n): रोड़े । Scorch (v): जला डालना । Slum (n): मलिन बस्ती । Vast(Adj.): वृहत, विशाल ।

A. Work in small groups and discuss the questions :
1. Have you seen grass ?
Ans. Yes, I have seen grass.
2. How hackdoes it look ?
Ans. It is bushy and green.
3. How do you feel when you walk on it ?
Ans. I feel comfortable.
4.can a man be compared to grass?read the poem and see why the poet thinks himself similar to grass.
Ans.it is the simplicity and humbleness in a man which is like grass. Both grass and man are of fighting nature. Even after facing adversies the survive.

B.1. Answer the following questions briefly :
1. Why does the poet say that he is like grass ?
Ans. There are two similarities between the grass and poet —
1. Both have grown from the ground. Both feel themselves down to earth personality.
2. Both grass and the poet have deep determination to grow back if rooted out.
2. Why does the poet say that he will sprout again after being mowed down ?
Ans. The poet does not have fear of suppression. He feels suppression will give him more strength.
3. What makes the poet Say that people can’t erase his identity ?
Ans. The poet feels that his voice is his identity and no one can suppress his identity.
4. What will his mantle cover ?
Ans. His mantle will cover all the scars in the heart of man generated out of fear and hatred.
B.2. Answer the following questions very briefly :
1. What do Banga and Sangroor refer to ?
Ans. They refer to two places in Punjab which were targeted by the rebellious during uprising in the state.
2. ” And reduce the whole district of Ludhiana to ashes” — What does this line suggest ?
Ans. The line suggest and take the reader again to the same situation when the cities of Punjab were being targeted by the rebellious one by one.
3. What time it will take for the poet to come back to his normal state ?
Ans. Time is best healer and the poet feels  that wound would heal any time between two to ten years.
4. Why will  the tourists green jungle of Barnala ?
Ans. Because Barnala would turn into green field again after destruction and devastation.

1. Why has the poet compared himself to grass ? What are the features of grass ?
Ans. The grass is smooth,soft and has the in born speciality of sprouting even big it is cut. The poet finds himself similar to the features of grass. He has faith that no power on earth can totally extinct him. He will prove his presence after facing all the odds of life.
2. Grass is soft, smooth and not rough. It is easily cut. But the poet here has used it is as a symbol. What does grass symbolise here ?
Ans. Though small and tiny the grass has super power of regeneration and facing all the adversies [odds] of life.
3. The poem suggest the resolute nature of the poet. Do you agree with it ? Give your opinion.
Ans. The poet resolute nature is quite appreciable. It gives a lot of inspiration particularly to the downtrodden and to the future generation of this country.
4. What is the background of this poem ? In what circumstances do you think this poem has been written ?
Ans. This poem has been written in the background of rise of terrorism in the state of Panjab. The suffering of the common man terrorism inspired the poet to write this poem.
5. Summarise the poem in 100 words.
Ans. The summary has been given in the beginning you can go through the summary.
C.2. Group Discussion :
Discuss the following in groups and pairs :
1. Nature is our best teacher
Points for discussion :
1. Nature is actually the author of life.
2. We learn from nature how to live.
3. Nature provides us food ,water and everything which a man needs.
4. We have learnt to sing and speak from the voice of birds and animals.
5. Sun gives us energy and taught us the use of life.
2.  We can always get inspiration from nature.
Points : 1. The nature actually inspires.
2. The tree inspires us to generous, The tree does not eat the fruit it produces.
3. Nature has inspired to sing sweet songs.
4. Provide shelter to all at the time of need.
5. Fight the adversies of life.
C3. Write a letter of condolence to your friend living in who has lost his parents in an attack by the terrorists. Encourage him in your letter and ask him to face the situation boldly.
Ans.                                           Patna
Dear Bunty,                      25.06.2009
This is to convey my deep feeling of sorrow and anguish to learn the sad news of your parents in a terrorists attack in your village. There can be no shocking news than this for me. I am highly disturbed by the cruel act of some anti social elements who are trying to break the integrity of our country. Moreover your parents were so peaceful persons and they had nothing to do with such type of anti national activities.
This is the for you to maintain cool and pray to the God to rest their soul in Peace. We too pray the same and deplore the act of cowardiness on the part of terrorists.
You have to face the situation boldly for the welfare of your family and society.
Convey my deep condolence to other family members too.
     Sincerely yours
Write a paragraph In about 100 words on the following topics.
1. National Integration
Geographical India is a big country. A large population resides in this country. From north to south and east to west there are people of different racial origin. Their living varies and their dresses, food habits, language, customs are different. As one moves from one zone he experiences different climatic conditions. Accordingly the season also changes and the rhythm of life goes on changing. Inspite of these variations, India is one. We believe in unity in diversity. Our diversity is a source of inspiration and makes the citizen to be proud of being an Indian. This has made our country one of the best countries of the world and our enemies become envious of our unity. They sometimes try to disturb national harmony but they fail in their design and motive.
But we have to be careful to keep our integrity intact. National Integration should always be kept above our self interest.
2. Love for the country is need of the hour.
Ans. It is rightly said that mother and mother land are better and above even that of heaven. As you love your mother, you should love your mother land.
So much souls of our mother land have sacrificed their lives to make India independent . We are living today in an independent country and we should be proud of being a citizen of this country which was once called as a bird of gold i.e., Sone ki Chidiya.
Now it is our pious duty to save this motherland from the forces which always try to disintegrete us sometimes internally and sometimes externally. We know about terrorist activities from across the border and divisive forces which work inside the country. Both are dangerous phenomenon. Recently there was an attack on a hotel  in Bombay in which many persons lost their lives. The disintegrating groups ar e working to targeted and bombed causing loss of lives and properties.
So this is the time that we must maintain unity to up keep the integrity of our loving country. We must remember that ‘ United ae stand and divided we fall’
D.1. Word Study :
Correct the spelling of the following words:
Incorrect                        Correct
1. Signapost                Signpost
2. Univercity                 University
3. Ruble                          Rubble
4. Mantal                        Mantle
5. Mater                         Mater
6. Sprot                          Sprout
D.2. Match words under ‘ A ‘ with their meaning under ‘ B ‘ :
(a) Mow             cut or fell by flow of
an axe [e]
(b) Slums         home unfit for
human habitation [f]
(c) vast             Immense, huge [d]
(d) Mantle        loose sleeveless
cloak, covering
(e) Sprout         put fourth, being to
grow. [b]
D.3. Study the following words :
air, anger, grass, hunger, ice, fog, chill, cloud.
By adding the suffix ‘ y ‘ we can make them adjectives example: air+ y =  airy
E. Grammar : Simile and Metaphor
E 1. Simile
I am like a grass.
This is called Simile.
The simile is usually introduced by using such words as ‘ like’ and ‘as’.
Make ten sentences using ‘ like ‘ and ‘ as ‘ :
1. He is like a star.
2. He is brave as lion.
3. The stars look like diamonds in the sky.
4. He is weeping like a child .
5. He is behaving like a madam.
6. Shyam is gentle like his father.
7. He is as good as his sister.
8. This Mango is sweet as auger.
9. Do not behave as lunatic.
10. He jumps like monkey.
E.2. When we say he fought like a lion we use a simile but when we say he was a lion in the fight, we use a metaphor.
A metaphor is an imaginative way of describing some thing by referring to something else which has the  qualities we want to express.
Make ten sentences using metaphors.
1. The cabinet works as wheels of government administration.
2. He spoke as ture leader.
3. He stood as pillar between the two.
4. Maharana Pratap was the lion of Mewar.
5. She thought small in status behaves as queen of England.
6. A blind persons sees every thing green .
7. He was hero of the whole show.
8. He was like kite in the sky.
9. He escaped like cat from the jungle.
10. He batted as Sachin in today’s match.

G.   Translation :
   Translate the Following sentences into English :
1. टेबुल पर पाँच किताबें हैं।
There are five books on the table.
2. गाड़ी प्लेटेफार्म पर खड़ी है।
The train is standing at the platform.
3. शिक्षक वर्ग में पढ़ा  रहे हैं।
The teacher is teaching in the class.
4.कुछ छात्र पेड़ के नीचे पढ़ते हैं।
Some students read under the tree.
5. छोटा बच्चा टेबल के नीचे खेल रहा है।
The small boy is playing under the table.
6. वह चार घंटे से पढ़ रहा है।
He is reading since last four hours.
7.  सीता सुबह छः बजे से काम कर रही है।
Siya is working since six in the morning.
8. दीवार पर घड़ी है।
There is a clock on the wall.

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