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bseb class 9th english note | SELF – INTRODUCTION


bseb class 9th english note

class – 9

subject – english


— Neerada Suresh

About the poet : The poetess Neerada Suresh is an Indian who writes English poem. She has already written over 100poems in which have been highly appreciated.
She has been awarded for her poetry. She is a teacher by profession. She was born in the year 1952.
The poetess has tried to express the social condition of woman in India through this poem. Self here stands for the woman. We can say that the woman is speaking about herself through the poetess. There stanzas in the poem.
1. The poetess says that the is an ordinary woman and her creative talent is utilized in arranging carpets and curious in the house. She also passes her time in labelling books in the hose and in tying the knots of the laces of children’s shoes. So her creativity is limited to her house and children.
2. She says that silently she has been tolerating this since last one decade when she came to this house and her sentiments have become hard like the hard shell of a tortoise. It seems, she says that I am trapped in a net. I wish and try to fly out but I can only flutter my wings in the net of the house.
3. My this ordinary status has been made purposely to keep me attached to children and home. To become extraordinary perhaps I will have to revolt to the  situation. That sense of revolt in me ultimately subsides with dry and sad tears on my face.

कवियत्री के बारे में : श्रीमती नीरदा सुरेश अंग्रेजी में कवितायें लिखने वाली एक भारतीय महिला हैं । इनका जन्म सन् 1952 में हुआ था। अब तक वे अंग्रेजी में लगभग एक सौ से अधिक कवितायें लिख चुकी हैं। कवयित्री के रूप में उन्हें कई एक सम्मान प्राप्त हुए हैं और इनकी कविताओं को सराहा गया है। वे एक शिक्षका के रूप में कार्य करती हैं।
कविता का  भावार्थ :
1.मैं एक साधारण महिला हूँ
जिसका रचनात्मक क्षमता
बच्चों और घर के बीच कैद है।
मेरी क्षमता का उपयोग, कालीन और
कला – वस्तुओं को सजाने,
पुस्तकों की हिफाजत करने तथा बच्चों के
जूतों का फीता बाँधने तक सीमित
रह जाता है।
2. मेरी संवेदनाओं पर मौन आघात,
पिछले एक दशक से हो रहा है,
जब से हम घर में साथ – साथ हैं।
आज ये संवेदनायें कछुए के कठोर
आवरण की तरह कठोर हो गयी हैं —
मेरी आत्मा एक जाल में फंसकर
छटपटाती है पर उसके पंख तड़पकर
मौन हो जाते हैं, स्थिर हो जाते हैं।
3. मेरी सहजता, मुझे घर और बच्चों
के बीच बाँधकर रखने के लिये है।
असाधारण बनने की तीव्र तमन्ना
मेरे अंदर विद्रोह पैदा करती है
पर अंदर की ज्वाला, सूखे आँसू
बनकर स्वयं समाप्त हो जाती है ।
[ हिंदी अनुवाद : विश्वनाथ

              Glossary : शब्दावली
Juxtaposing : सजाना। Curio: कला की दुर्लभ वस्तु । Decade : एक दशक, दस वर्ष का कलाकंद । Dare : साहस ।  Crack through : टूटना।

A. Answer the questions orally :
1. How many members are there in your family ?
Ans. There are nine members in my family.
2. How many among them are female ?
Ans. Five of them are female members.
3. Do you love your mother ?
Ans. I love you mother, so much.
4. Do you respect her ?
Ans. I very much respect her.
5. How does your father treat your mother ?
Ans. They have cordial relations. Each love one other.
B.  Answer the following questions very briefly :
1. Why does the woman call herself ordinary ?
Ans. The woman here calls herself ordinary because her creativity is confined and limited.
2. To what is an ordinary woman’s creativity confined ?
Ans. Her creativity is confined between children and home, arranging carpets and curious, labelling books and tying laces of children’s shoes.
3. Why sensitivity of the ordinary woman suffer blows ?
Ans. The sensitivity of the ordinary woman suffer blows because she has been deprived of the right of expression due to which her real talent gets unutillixod.
4. How long has the woman been living with her husband ?
Ans. She is living with her husband since a decade. A decade is a period of ten year.
5. Why is the woman unable to express her anguish ?
Ans. The suffering has killed her sensitiveness and it has hardened like a tortoise shell.
6. What is the tag which is attached to an ordinary woman ?
Ans. An ordinary woman carries the tag of children and home on her personality.
7. With what jobs the woman been associated ?
Ans. They are mostly associated with house keeping job including bringing up to children.
8. How might the woman  be made extraordinary ?
Ans. By making them free from the shackles of home and by providing them opportunity to prove their talents.
9. How does the woman visualise in this connection ?
Ans. They feel that the task is difficult and perhaps it requires a revolution to break the age old pattern of managing life.

1. Who is the speaker of the poem ? How does she introduce herself ?
Ans. The speaker of the poem is a poetess. She introduces herself as an ordinary woman whose creativity is limited to house keeping and managing children.
2. The second staze depicts great mental suffering and physical pain of a woman. Elaborate.
Ans. The poetess express her agony suffered both mentally and physically since last one decade. She has become immune to the situation harded like a tortoise shell. She flutters to come out the binding but it ends in silence.
3. Do you think that the ordinary woman of the first stanza becomes rebellious in the last stanza ? Which line (s) indicates it. Explain.
Ans. Yes in the last stanza she has become rebellious. She says :
To be made extraordinary perhaps
At the cost of a few sad dry tears
That might dare to crack through.
Crack through is the indication of her becoming rebellion to go into the arena (area) of extraordinary.
4. Write a summary of the poem in your own words.
Ans. The summary is given in the beginning.
5. The poem depicts the plight of the house wives in general. Do you agree ? Explain.
Ans. Yes, the poetess has actually drawn a picture of the Indian house wives through this poem, entitled ‘ self – Introduction’. Here ‘ self stands for housewives in the Indian social set up of our country. This system in our country is coming through ages — the woman are made to look after the house and children. But now the changes are very much apparent and can be very well he seen.
A woman was the Prime Minister of  India and again a woman is the president of this big country. It will change to suit our social requirement.
6. Comment on the juxtaposition of carpets and curio in the poem.
Ans. This is the normal way of maintaining a house in a  house near, clean and decorated so that when a quest comes to your house the carries a good impression of the house and it up keep. But in other countries too this area of house hold management is looked after by house wives only. So the complex of feeling inferior should be done away with. Our house must be smart and attractive.
C.2. Group Discussion
Discuss the following :
1. Gender discrimination has been taking place since time immemorial.
Points for discussion : (a) Is there any gender discrimination prevailing in our society today ?
(b) How has it generated ? Are historical factors responsible ?
(c) Some change are taking place after India’s Independence.
(d) What measures are taken to overcome this ?
2. How far will the reservation for woman in different walks of life help elevate their status in the socity ? Give arguments.
Points :(a) Reservation as means to uplift the status of woman in socity .
(b) Is reservation necessary for education to girl child necessary ?
(c) Woman should come out of the houses and participate in the social activities.
(d) Woman can mobilise public opinion more effectively than men.
(e) Reservation may be only a means and not end of the problem.

Write a paragraph in about 100 wards on the following :
1. The role of housewife is more difficult than that of a working woman.
Ans. This is very difficult to establish as to whose role is more difficult of housewife or that of a  working woman. To my mind both of them are working — one is working with house and the other is working outside. A house wife starts working with the rise of the sun. She make children ready to go to school, prepares breakfast for her husband and in laws in the house and then looks after the upkeep of the house, engages herself in preparing lunch for the family and ultimately dinner at night. She has to look after the guests coming in the house. So he is all the time working and working.
A working woman has also to undergo the same daily process of household affairs before going to office. She returns in the evening totally tired and then has to look after the husbands and in laws if they are old. In my opinion both are doing a wonderful service to the family and to the Society.
2. Behind the success of a man there is always a woman.
Ans. It is rightly and that behind the scenes of a man there is a woman. Woman is always a source of inspiration for man. Behind the success of Bapu, it was the co – operation and efforts of Kasturba. Kamala Nehru was the source of inspiration of jawaharlal .
The efforts of a woman though may be behind the scene are immense. They are the source of power and energy in bringing success in the life of a man. There are so many examples in the history of mankind narrating success stories of men who were inspired by their parents of life.
D.1. Correct the spelling of the following words :
Incorrect                             Correct
Jukstaposing                Juxtaposing
Labeling                          Labelling
Sesetivity                        Sensitivity
Entraped                         Entrapped
Conveniantly               Conveniantly
Ordinaryness               Ordinariness
Dair                                  Dare
D.2.1Look up a dictionary and Write at least two meanings of each of the following words— the one in which it is used in the lesson and the other which is more common.
Word                        Meaning
1. Ordinary           Common, simple
2. Suffering           pain, defficulty
3. Bind                    attach, tie
4. Cost                   expense, value
5. Laces               cord used for
fasting ,fine fabric of silk
6. Confined      limited, in enclosure
7. Blows        to strike, to extinguish
8. Silence               absence of any
  sound, stillness
9. Conveniantly      Comfortably,
D.2.2 Read carefully the following sentences taken from the lesson :
” I am an ordinary woman with a creativity confined. The word creativity is derived from the verb’ create’ Other words derived from this word are as follows :
Creativeness, Creatively , Creation, Creator, Creativity, Creature.
Now make as many words as possible derived from the following root word :
1. Ordinary          ordinarily,
ordinance, orderly
2. Home              homely, homelike,
home made
3. Sence           Sensitivity, Sensitive
4. Sad                Sadness, sadly
5. Silence          Silently , Silent
D.3. Find from the poem words the meaning of which have been given in column ‘ A ‘ The last part of each word is given in column ‘ B ‘ .
A                                     B
1. Normal or road         Ordinary
2. Restricted or            Confined
3. Placiny side by
side                             Juxtaposing
4. Cord for lacing shoes    Laces
5. Tie or faster tightly        Bind
6. Label                               Tag
7. Drop scrected by        Tears
E.1. Look at the different from of the vet ‘ bind’ carefully. They are :
bind – bond – bound – binding – binds
1. tie – tied – tied – tying- ties
2. make – made – made – making – makes
3. wind – would – would – winding – winds
4. Spend – Spent – spent – spending – spents
5. Lie – lay – lain -laying – lines.
6. Hide – hid – hidden – hiding – hides
7. Dear – dared – dared – daring – dares
Ex.2. Fill in the blanks with appropriate prepositions :
1.  What is wrong with you ?
2. She has fallen in love with me.
3. Don’t make friendship with bad boys.
4. He doesn’t agree with me.
5. He agreed to my proposal.
6. He is known to me.
7. You should not laugh at the poor.
8. She is living with her mother.
9. Please handle this machine with care.
10. He prevented me from smoking.
G.       Translation :
Translate this poem into Hindi :
Hindi translation has been given at page — 115

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