10th english

bihar board 10 class english question paper


bihar board 10 class english question paper

class – 10

subject – english

lesson 3 –  POLYTHENE BAG

— Durga Prasad Panda
Summary In English : The poet in this poem has tried to throw high on the bad effects of ‘ polythene ‘ on the environment. As we know the polythene and its products have invaded our day to day living and without carrying regarding its I’ll effects. We have adopted this material is part of our life. The poet has tried to find out as to how the nature of polythene and that of human life is almost the same. There is same correlation between human emotions and a simple thing like polythene.
The poet says that a man gets hurt and the pain never subsides insides like a polythene bag which never gets dissolved in the crust of the earth.
When a polythene bag is touched it makes a shrill noise , when it bums it emits a poisonus. If a wound by generates inside the heart by somebody’s painful act, it never dies.
When a polythene bag comes into, contact of fire, it immediately melts down. The ‘ hurt ‘ behaves in the same manner in human’s body. It melts with slightest of warmth. But then again the pain inside the garbage him unseen by others for – long time. Only the pain caused by the hurt comes back off and on giving a feeling of agony and suffering.

                 कविता का सारांश

दुर्गा प्रसाद सिन्हा का उड़िया साहित्य में एक महत्वपूर्ण स्थान है । यद्यपि मुख्य रुप से श्री सिन्हा का एक भाषा विद है पर वह अंग्रेजी में काव्य रचना भी करते हैं । कभी – कभी भी उड़िया कविता का अंग्रेजी में अनुवाद या फिर अंग्रेजी कविता का उड़िया भाषा में भी अनुवाद करने में रूचि रखते हैं। उनकी प्रसिद्ध काव्यकृतियाँ हैं— ‘ सावरणी ‘ और ‘ रेज ‘, ‘पॉलिथीन ‘बैग की थैली यानी बैग को केंद्रित कर लिखी गई है । पॉलिथीन आधुनिक युग का एक आवश्यक अंश बन गया है पर इस रसायनिक उत्पादन का वातावरण पर विपरीत प्रभाव या दुष्प्रभाव स्पष्ट है। कवि ने मानवीय संविधान ओ की तुलना इस सांसारिक पदार्थ से की है।
मनुष्य के हृदय पर पड़ा आघात पाॅलीथीन  की एक थैली की तरह है जो मिट्टी की धरातल की तरह मनुष्य के अंतः स्थल में पड़ा रहता है पर कभी-कभी सड़क नहीं है या अपना रूप बदलता नहीं है ।
पाॅलीथिन को छूने से जैसा एक कर्कश, शीघ्र ध्वनि  निकलती है ,जैसे पॉलिथीन के जलने से एक जहरीले धुएँ की तरह गंध निकलती है और जैसे अगर उस बैग को यूँ ही पड़ा रहने दिया जय तो यह वातावरण को प्रदूषित करता है , उसी प्रकार हृदय के अंदर का घाव मनुष्य के मर्म को आघात पहुंचाता है और प्रदूषित करता है ।
पॉलिथीन बैग की तरह उसका हृदय भी थोड़ी सी गर्मी से भी पिघल जाता है । पॉलिथीन बैग आग  की गर्मी को सहन नहीं कर पाता ।
परंतु कचरे के अंदर से जो बाहर से दिखायी  नहीं देता रोग के कीटाणु की तरह अंदर ही अंदर बढ़ता जाता है । पर लाचार व पॉलिथीन बैग उस पूरे की डेट में दवा पड़ा रहता  है । केवल आघात से उपजा दर्द ,बार -बार ‘ टीस ‘ मारता है। यह पीड़ा अत्यंत असहनीय होती है।

Dissolved (v): घुल जाना। Crust (n): बाहरी सतह।  Squeaky (adj.): क्षणिक एवं तीखा। Exudes ( v): पलायन।  Melts (v):  पिघलना। Grief(adj.): दर्द। Garbage (n): कचड़े का ढेर। Bin(n): बड़ा पात्र। Gaze (n): एकटक देखना। Buried (v): कब्र में दफ़न करना।
A. Work in the small group and discuss the questions given below :
Q.1. You and your family members go to market to purchase several things. After you have purchased goods you need some sort of bag to carry these goods.
(a) What sort of bag do you use to carry the goods- bag made of cloth, paper or a polythene bag.
Ans. The use of different bags as above depends on the nature of shopping. If the purchase are of grocery goods a cloth bag made of heavy material is used. If furits and vegetables are purchased normally polythene bags are used and when it comes to buying softarticles , a paper bag is used.
(b) What do you do with these bags after you have carried the purchased items?
Ans. The cloth bags are permanent bags in the house and are resude as and when required. The polythene bags which are made of good and heavy materials are kept for reuse by the family members or by visitors in the house. But the paper Basket’ as they are seldom found to be good for reuse.
B.1. Answer the following questions briefly :
Q.1. Who has composed the poem ?
Ans. The name of the poet who has written this poem is Durga Prasad Panda.
Q.2. Does a Polythene bag get dissolved ?
Ans. No, Not at all.
Q.3. When does a Polythene bag make a noise ?
Ans. When touched it makes a shrill crying sound.
Q.4. What does it given it is burnt ?
Ans. When burnt it gives or generates a poisonous smell.
Q.5. How does it affect environment ?
Ans. It pollutes the environment . It has an adverse effect on the atmosphere.
B. 2. Answer the following questions briefly.
Q.1. How do the germs of disease grow ?
Ans. Due to pollution in atmosphere particularly in water and air there is degeneration in raw and cooked food articles. The growth of bacteria starts and forms germs which are responsible for the sporead of diseases.
Q.2. What does the word ” Hurt ” stand for ?
Ans. ” Hurt ” in this poem ” Polythene Bag ” stand the grief caused by Ingratitude of man towards fellow human being.
Q.3. What causes pain ?
Ans. The ‘ hurt ‘ created by the selfisness or Ingratitude of man cause pain.
Q.4. Whose hurt melt down like polythene bag ?
Ans. The person who is hurt compromises with the situation when the feeling of warmth is extended to him . It lies like a Polythene bag buried inside a garbage him.
Q.5. What comes back again and again ?
Ans. The pain caused by the hurt keeps coming back again and again.
Q.6. Where is the Polythene bag is buried?
Ans. The polythene bag is buried deep inside the grif’s garbage bin.
C.1. Long Answer Questions :
Q.1. How does a Polythene bag pollute our anyironment ?
Ans. As we know the polythene bag which we use in our daity life is made out of a material which does not decay. When it is burnt it generates a poisonous gas.
These situation are helpful in polluting the environment.
Q.2. Why does the poet compares ” hurt ” with a Polythene bag ? Give any two reasons .
Ans.  Because the Polythene bag which bag is made out of such a material which doesn’t decay quickly. Similarly the hurt caused to a person does not die out soon.
Again the Polythene bag  melts down with a little touch of warmth. Similarly a little touch of warmth and affection melts the agony of a person for some time. But the grief or pain fubried the heart jumps back with a slightest thought in the mind.
Q.3. ” The Polythene bag remains buried within.” Explain.
Ans. The post has tried to personify the suffering of a Polythene bag with that of a  person’s grief caused by the igrratitu of a man. The grif remains buried inside the heart of a man like a Polythene bag which keeps lying inside a garbage him. A sno body can see the pain buried inside the heart from outside the Polythene bag also keep lying deep inside the garbage bin, unseen and untouched.
Q.4. Have you ever been hurt ? Write your feelings in your words.
Ans. Every body gets hurt sometime. Perhaps this is a part of life. In the usual dealings with friends, relatives and near and dear ones, there is every chance of one being hurt. How do one react ? Some one compomises with the situation and some reacts vehamently. The feeling thus generated also varies from person to person.
You can recall and Write your experience if you have been hurt any time. You can discuss with your teacher before you write down your experienced.
C.2. Groups  Discussion :
  Discuss the following in groups :
Q.1.  Good environment makes our life happy and healthy but most of us fail to understand it. Discuss.
  Points for discussion :
Ans. Good environment is essential for life. Pure and good drinking water, unpolluted air and cultivable land where good paddy and grains can be grown are the tree necessities of good long life on earth. Unless these are not available in abundance and in good condition it would be difficult, rather impossible to maintain life. If the cultivable lands have been turned into acidic soil due to use of excessive chemicals and fertilizers, growing power of the land will die out making it barren for growth. We can just imagine the result. So it has become essential to take care of our environment so that we and our coming generation can  maintain a good life.
2. Discuss in groups on ” Sources of pollution ” .
Points for discussion  :
1. There are  three main types of pollution which endangers our environment. They are water pollution.
Air pollution and
Noise pollution
2. Water pollution is caused by disposed of wastes and sawage in water, washing of cloths bathing of animals adding of harmful chemicals and substance in water oil spills from ships and tankers makes the water dirty and oily and also kills many marine plants and animals.
3. Air pollution is mainly caused by mixture of carbon dioxide and other gases in the atmosphere. Some produced by factories, vehicles or by burning of types and carbon rich materials pollutes the air.
4. Noise pollution is mainly caused by the running of heavy machines and automobiles and blowing of horas of vehicles on the roads, another sources of noise pollution is the use of loud speakers.
C.3. Composition :
Q.1. Write a Paragraph in about 100 words on Pollution.
Ans. Pollution is posing the greatest problem for the world today. With the growth of population day by day the demand of natural resources are increasing which is causing immense pressure in maintaining Ecological balance of the nature. Our earth has provided us with so many valuable resources limited ke air, water, soil, land etc. This is resulting in pollution of the atmosphere and thereby endangering the very existence of living being on the earth. This is a matter of great concern.
Q.2. Narrate your experience of a badly polluted slam colony of your area.
Ans. Due to rusing population the pressure on the cities is increasing. There is less land to accommodate so many persons. This is resulting in Polluting the area which are densely populated. In all the cities some sort of slum colonies have come up were supply of safe drinking water good sewage system, unconstructed lakes and by lakes with insufficient street lights poses a lot of problem for human living. They can write experience of such colony in their area.
D. Word Study
Distionary use :
Ex 1. Correct the spelling of the following words :
Incorrect                 Correct
Polethen                  Polythene
Disolved                   Dissolved
Squacky                    Squecaky
Disees                       Disease
Remeins                    Remains
Burried                       Buried
Coused                       Caused
Ex.2. Say the ‘ Autonym’s of the following words :
Strange             Familiar
Never                 At once
Earth                     Sky
Noise                 Silence
Little                   More
Warm                  Cold
Pain                    Pleasure
Back                    Front
Inside                  Outside
Ex. 1. Grammar :
Ex. 1. Look at the different forms of verbs ‘ get ‘ carefully get , got, got, getting, gets.
Now give different forms of the following verbs as illustrated above :
Dissolve = Dissolved , Dissolved, Dissolving , Dissolves
Touch = Touched , Touched , Touching, Touches.
Make = Made , Made, Making, Makes.
Burn = Burnt, Burnt, Burning , Burns.
Keep = Kept, Kept, Keeping, Keeps.
Bury = Buried, Buried, Burying, Buries.
Ex.2. Figures of speech :
Ex.1. Read the following sentences and understand.
Hurt is such a strange Polythene bag.
1. Metaphor is a figure of speech in which an implicit comparison is made between two different things on feelings. Here the real meaning is different from the literature meaning of words.
Example :
She is moon on earth.
He is a lion in the fight.
He is a star of the family.
She is a book worm.
2. The other form of speech is similar. It is a form of speech when an explicit form of comparison is made between two different things or fellings using words like or ‘ as ‘
I wandered as a cloud ; ‘ Wordsworth’.
My love is like a red , red rose: ‘Burns’.
1. He is as gentle as a dove.
2. He is a lion in the fight.
3. He is as strong as coal.
4. The camel is a ship of the desert.
F. Activity :
1. Visit slum colonies of your area and prepare a churt of the people’s problems who reside over there .
Ans. To be done by the students under the guidance of the teacher.

G. Translation :
Translate into English :
(i)  पाॅलीथीन  घुलता नहीं है।
   Polythene does not dissolved.
(ii)  वह बहुत आवाज उत्पन्न करता है।
   It creates a lot of noise.
(iii)  यह काफी दुर्गन्ध देता है।
  It emanates a lot of pungent smell.
(iv)  तुमसे यह किसने कहा ?
Who has told you this ? 

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